Hippo Update – Time Challenge!

This week’s text ‘Super Daisy’ has encouraged Hippos to think about speedy super challenges! Super Daisy ‘zooms’ around in her quest to destroy Planet Pea and the children ‘zoomed’ around the field this week, carrying out different time challenges.

We have been working on the concept of seconds and minutes, helping the children to visualise what they can achieve in certain time periods and estimate how long certain tasks might take. The Hippos have really enjoyed using the language and concept of time through superhero challenges.

Back in the classroom the children have been using money, designing price lists, ringing up items on the till, writing shopping lists,and creating a complete vegetable shop. They have helped to design and create their own role play area, making a range of super vegetables from different resources.

We have also focused on a healthy diet. The children selected their own food for a healthy lunchbox, then used the interactive whiteboard to label their ideas, thinking carefully about the sounds in each word.

Well done Hippos – some new concepts and lots of hard work!

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