Hippo Update – Multiple Maths!

What a wonderful start to the term Hippos, with a week filled with fun and numbers! You were all such superstars when we kicked the activities off in our ‘Maths Madness’ session on Monday. You demonstrated wonderful maths knowledge as well as lovely social skills, showing those around you how to use the resources and games.

The number work has continued as we have worked on mighty monster addition and measured out magic potions in our Little Explorers session, which surprisingly we managed without getting too wet! You have used scales, counting and estimating skills enthusiastically, which has been lovely to see.

In addition we have carried on our letters, sounds and reading work, as well as working on the formation of the letter ‘u’. We can see how hard some of you have been working over the holidays on your reading skills and have heard lots of lovely stories of your relaxing Easter break activities too.

Welcome back Hippos!

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