Hippo Update – The Very Lazy Ladybird!

This week our animal focus has turned to mini-beasts with our Focus text of ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’. The children have really enjoyed the story and have come up with all sorts of creative ideas about where the ladybird might have flown to once she learnt to fly. Clearly ladybirds believe in global travel as they have ventured to various locations such as Spain, Turkey and even America! We have spent a lot of time discussing adjectives to describe the children’s chosen destinations and tried hard to build these into our writing. The Hippos have also produced some lovely accompanying artwork, thinking how they can add texture with collage.

In maths we have been working hard on doubling. The children have been counting and doubling ladybird spots, adding legs to match numerals and developing their recording skills.

Our ladybird theme has continued in our Little Explorers session, as the children have focused on understanding the world around them. They have given careful thought to where ladybirds might live and why, as well as how we could hunt carefully for our minibeast friends without harming them. They even took their own photos of their exploits.

Well done Hippos, another super week.

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