School Journey Postponed

This morning (Sunday) we have been contacted by Kingswood Grovesnor Hall. Unfortunately, due to an outbreak of the norovirus (winter vomitting virus) the whole Grovesnor Hall site has been closed, and will remain closed, for at least the next 72 hours.

Although we are extremely disappointed, the closure is completely beyond our control. We have been in contact with representatives from Kingswood this morning. They are committed to finding a solution so our children do not miss out on this important school experience; as soon as we have an alternative plan parents, families and children will be informed. In the meantime, it will be school as normal in the morning… Rest assured, we will do our very best to address the postponement as quickly as possible!

All families have now been personally notified. We will keep you updated.

Yours sincerely and with great regret…


Jon Smith – Headteacher

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