Hippo Update – Science Week!

The children have had a wonderful time carrying out all sorts of science investigations over the last few days, as part of a whole school themed week.

In Hippo class we have focused a lot on chemical reactions, using everyday substances such as vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda. The children have been amazed and excited as they have created fizzing planets and exploding volcanoes. They have watched copper oxide disappearing from coins to leave them shiny and new, before transferring itself to screws, due to magnetic forces. We have also looked at colour mixing, using food dye within our investigations.

The children have spent a lot of time learning about key scientific language such as shadows and floating. They carried out lots of investigations to help them understand these terms and even made videos of their exploits!

The week culminated in a visit to the astrodome in the hall. The children had been learning about the solar system earlier in the week with their ‘fizzing planets’ and this brought it all to life for them in a fantastic way.

A super end to a super week!

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