Hippo Update – Rainbow Fish!

This week the children have been working with a new text – The Rainbow Fish. It is a wonderful story about friendship and how doing something kind for others can make you feel so much better about yourself. The children have come up with some lovely ideas about what makes others a good friend and kind things their classmates have done for them.

We have used the story as a starting point for some beautiful artwork, where the children have collaged using different colours and textures for scales. They have looked at the use of different mediums such as paint, chalk, glitter and felt-tip pen amongst others. Maths has had a fishy foundation too, playing number bond snap with seashells and counting scales to fit our very own rainbow fish.

In Little Explorers the children created underwater scenes, using a range of natural resources. They were extremely creative with their ideas and their thoughts on texture and shape.

The highlight of the week for many was of course our wonderful Sports Day on Tuesday. The children gave 100% to every part of the morning and loved every minute! We were all incredibly proud of them and their achievements. Well done Hippos – excellent teamwork and great fun!

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