Dear Everyone!

I have so much to say about our Key Stage Two performance of “Joseph.”

Firstly, as a production, it is by far the best piece of work we have seen in the last decade at Holy Trinity. Every single child made a contribution – singing, dancing, drama, laughter and emotion (especially for the audience!). It had it all! Watching children you have known for the whole of their school career flourish so brightly is an absolute privilege. A number of our Year 6’s did an amazing job of leading the performance. At the end of each performance I have picked out some very special individuals, but ultimately it was a great team effort. Children can really achieve great things!

Our school ‘team’ has been at it’s very best. The scenery, props, costumes and organisation was staggering. We have so much to do in school and so little time. Staff have been painting, taping, cutting and sticking for weeks before, during and after school! We have a great team that when challenged always pulls together and in the same direction. At the point I must pay a special tribute to Mrs Rayner. This ambitious production was her project and she has managed the project brilliantly. Thank you Mrs Rayner, we could not have done this without you!

This production looked amazing, and for this we must thank two of our parents, Mrs Nina Parker and Mrs Helen Greengrass. By taking on the task of dressing the stars, Mrs Parker and Mrs Greengrass enabled our staff to focus on other aspects of the production. Hours of time, care and attention have gone into the costumes and they really made of children feel and look like stars! Thank you so much Nina and Helen.

Finally, as the school year draws to a conclusion, I would like to thank all our families for their support and encouragement. As a school we do our absolute best to try and get things right and our staff are committed to giving their best to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children, but we couldn’t achieve this without the help of our families. There is no greater responsibility or privilege than being entrusted with your children and it is a duty that we take very seriously. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Best wishes


Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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