Below the line at the bottom of this update you will see a copy of the letter about the PTFA AGM this Wednesday which was sent home on September 20th. Of the 250+ letters sent out we have had just a handful of replies showing interest in attending.

The PTFA plays an incredibly important role in the life of the school. In the past year alone they have:

  • Run a disco each term, with over 200 children attending each one.
  • Put on the Christmas Bazaar, including inviting along Father and Mother Christmas.
  • Arranged for the Easter Bunny to visit and deliver eggs to every child.
  • Organised the Summer Social complete with live music, BBQ, inflatables and more!
  • Paid £800 for the bus for the Young Voices concert at the O2.
  • Bought a £300 oven for use by classes and Baking Club.
  • Bought a £125 comb binder for use across the school.
  • Provided £200-worth of dictionaries for use in Years 3, 4 & 5.
  • Brightened up Golden Time with £80 of board games.
  • Contributed £150 towards the buying of plants etc. for Gardening Club.
  • Made the performance of Joseph in the summer possible by buying £300 of costumes and licences.
  • Paid nearly £500 for the Astro Dome show during Science Week.
  • Sent off our Year 6s with over £300-worth of frames and t-shirts and a similar amount for their leaving BBQ.
  • Played a key part in our raising nearly £11,000 as part of our Solar Schools campaign.

As we move into the 2016-2017 Academic Year the PTFA does not have a Chair, Vice-Chair or Secretary. As importantly, it lacks a team of helpers to call upon to help out at discos, fetes etc. There is a role for everyone regardless of how much time they have to offer. Without a functioning PTFA the amazing contributions listed above will simply stop. Already the Bingo Evening planned for this term, and which was greeted with much excitement when announced, is under threat because there aren’t enough PTFA members available to make it happen. In addition, we desperately need new interactive screens in the classrooms and without PTFA help this will be incredibly difficult to achieve in the short, or even medium, term.

Although the Committee roles do need to be filled, it is perfectly possible to attend the AGM on Wednesday evening without committing yourself to a massive role. Just having a group of ‘helpers’ will prevent the PTFA from being unable to play its vital role in school life.

Please have another look at the list above and imagine school life without those benefits. The PTFA makes all that possible, and without you there will be no PTFA.

Thank you for all the support in attending and donating to PTFA events – we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening if you feel you can help in any way within the PTFA during the course of the coming year.

Holy Trinity Primary School Parent Teacher Friend Association

Registered Charity No. 1027292

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTFA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

I hereby give notice of the AGM of the Holy Trinity School PTFA, to be held on Wednesday 12th October 2016 at 7pm at Holy Trinity School.

The PTFA plays a vital part in the school community and all parents are invited to support the AGM. This is your chance to hear and see how the funds you have helped to raise have been used for the benefit of the children/students at our school.

The AGM is also an opportunity for you to elect the PTFA Committee, to represent the association throughout the forthcoming academic year.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 12th October 2016.


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