Geckos And Their Special Places

Gecko Class are on fire!

Today they were using their developing trackpad and keyboard skills to draw a picture of themselves and their favourite place. Again, they all did everything themselves – logging in to the laptop, setting up their Google Cloud printing, logging in to Purple Mash, navigating to the right activity, drawing, typing, saving, exporting and printing to the correct printer. Amazing! Inevitably some of the drawing and typing digitally is not yet quite up to their drawing and typing by hand – shift keys, space bars, odd looking key fonts and multitouch trackpads all take getting used to – but I am so proud of all of them.

Please note: As much as possible I try to promote self-sufficiency in Computing. As stated above they have completed all of the work themselves. Sometimes this goes wrong and work is lost, saved over or not printed – it happens… Over the course of the year everyone will have their work published at some point, but not necessarily every child every time.

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