Breakfast Club by Stephen Alen (Parent Governor)

HTPS Early Risers Breakfast ClubAs a parent governor and an active user of the Holy Trinity Breakfast Club, I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you my own family’s experience of what the breakfast club offers pupils at our school.

I have to admit my family and I have been huge advocates of the Holy Trinity Breakfast Club since it began in September 2014, none more so than my son, who attends 4 days per week. He really enjoys attending and the additional time this gives him with his friends. As parents we feel it is a friendly, reliable service and represents a better daily routine for our son when compared to an alternative external service. Crucially we find the service extremely flexible, meaning children can attend as many days per week as required. This also comes with the added bonus of only paying for those session that are attended, which at only £4 per session represents fantastic value for money!

With regards to the Breakfast Club, the service starts at 07:30 each day, providing a safe and familiar environment for pupils along with a nutritious and healthy breakfast. For those pupils that attend it also provides an excellent opportunity for them to take part in different activities promoting different aspects of learning and also supports social interaction with friends and other pupils from across the school. This really is a fantastic service provided by the school and I would strongly recommend it to all families.

Best wishes, Stephen Alen

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