Sumdog Competition – 30 Hours To Go!

With just 30 hours remaining of our Maths Week Sumdog Competition here is the overall Top Ten:

  1. Ruby P (+8)
  2. Annie B (+6)
  3. Maisy C (N)
  4. Owen C (-3)
  5. Beau DW (N)
  6. Cian M (-4)
  7. Oliver E (-4)
  8. Isabella L (-3)
  9. Molly T (-5)
  10. Oscar H (N)

sumdoglogoThose positions may change however as they are based on correct answers and it’s still very close! Although Sumdog’s systems allow pupils of different ages to play against each other, because we have year groups using the platform for the first time we will be handing out certificates on Monday per year.

Year group leaders at the moment are:

Foundation – Phoebe B

Y1 – Jasper K, Martha N & Thomas E

Y2 – Oliver E, Ethan B & Maisie B

Y3 – Oliver C, Isabella L & Rubie N

Y4 – Cian M, Oliver E & Molly T

Y5 – Oscar H, Billy B & Scott G

Y6 – Ruby P, Annie B & Maisy C

trainingbuttonFor those who are new to Sumdog the first time you will be in ‘Training’ mode and you might find some of the questions very tricky as Sumdog works out what you can do. If you can’t answer the questions don’t worry – the next time you play a game it should settle down to the correct sort of questions for you. This is from Sumdog’s Help Pages:

When students first start playing Sumdog the diagnostic test runs automatically. 

To take the test, students simply need to play the Sumdog games as normal.

The will need to be in training mode i.e. not taking part in activity, contest or assessment. To ensure they are on training mode the green panel on the left should say training. If it does not, click it to choose this option. 

Sumdog will record the students’ answers and will place them at the appropriate grade. When they complete the test they will receive a pet.

We will all have a go at Sumdog in class this week so we’ll help iron out any problems that exist.

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