E-Safety – Meetings For Parents

NSPCC – O2 – Holy Trinity E-Safety Meetings

We have organised two E-Safety Meetings for parents on Monday 28th November.

The first meeting will be at 3.30pm and the second at 7.30pm – the content of both meetings will be the same (so you don’t need to go to both) but the later time may be more convenient for some of you. As the meeting is aimed at parents & carers rather than children we have arranged for your children to be looked after in school for the 3.30pm meeting only. We will be based in Mrs Nethersole’s room.

o2-nspcc-logo-blue-rgbEach meeting will last for about 90 minutes. They will comprise of an introduction from myself and then a session presented by the NSPCC/Childline and O2, who have formed a partnership to promote e-safety within families.

At Holy Trinity we have children as young as four or five with access to tablets, phones and PCs, and the further up the school you go you’ll find ever greater number of children with accounts for Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. Even if they aren’t online right now they will be at some point, and with the excitement and fun come avoidable dangers. Our children are at a unique point in digital history and it is vitally important that we prepare them for the ever-increasing onslaught they will face as they grow older. With this in mind, the meetings are recommended for all parents/carers at the school, even if their children haven’t yet started dipping their toes into the digital waters…

So we know roughly how many people to prepare for we will be sending home a letter on Monday with a reply slip for you to indicate interest in attending. Please return it as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 28th.

E-Safety Drop-In Session

tabecatA week after the E-Safety Meetings, on Monday 5th December, I will be holding an E-Safety Drop-In Session after school. The purpose of this session is for parents/carers to ask questions or discuss concerns about e-safety without having to book an appointment.

It will be open to parents & children and if you need to bring in devices that you need advice with then you can do.

Although not an expert on every device and app available I’ll do my best to help out with privacy settings, advice, passwords etc.

I have no idea how popular this session will be or the kinds of questions that will be asked, but if it is successful and manageable we will look into making it a regular occurrence in the new year.

Karl Handy

Computing Teacher & Head of IT


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