(How To) Stick A Red Nose On Your Teacher!

We’re raising money for Comic Relief!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Chuckle whilst designing a funny red nose INSIDE the red circle.
  2. Grin when you bring this form, and a donation, into school by 9am on Friday 24th March.
  3. Giggle as we scan & crop all your funny red noses ready for pasting onto teachers’ faces!
  4. Chortle as your donations are counted up.
  5. Guffaw in awe as we announce how much money you’ve raised for Comic Relief!
  6. Laugh at your funny noses stuck to your teachers’ faces!

Forms are being sent home this week, or you can download it from here if you wish.

Your Red Nose Day noses will go on display on the website and outside screen on Friday afternoon!

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