Tea & Cake With The PTFA!

Hot on the heels of the successful family bingo event the PTFA are planning the Summer Social on June 30th (details to be announced soon!). Beyond that the thoughts of the PTFA are towards September and a new school year’s worth of fundraising. The PTFA are working with the school to look at fundraising ideas and goals and we’d like your ideas and support!

The PTFA know that communication and visibility can sometimes be tricky with our busy live. With this in mind they are holding a Tea & Cake event in the playground on Wednesday 24th May during morning drop-off so you can meet the PTFA members and chat about what they do, any ideas you might have and, if you wish, how to get involved. You won’t get signed up for anything (unless you want to!) but the PTFA would love the opportunity to find out your thoughts on the work it does.

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