Snow & Ice Update – Holy Trinity Closed Tuesday 12th December 2017

Following further discussion, surveying of weather forecasts and an assessment of the local area we have decided to close school tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December.

This has not been an easy decision.

The roads are currently covered in half-melted snow and ice. The temperature tonight is forecast to drop to at least -3 Celsius and stay below zero for the whole of Tuesday. We fully expect to wake tomorrow morning to find the paths around the school to be in a treacherous condition. We have a duty of care for over 300 children and adults and we do not feel that we could reasonably ensure their safety in conditions such as those. We could wait for confirmation of that in the morning and give parents very little time to organise alternative arrangements, or we could do as Hedingham Academy has done and make a decision this evening. We’ve gone for the latter.

We are very aware that this news will not please all of you, but we hope at least that by making the decision now we have made what we feel is an inevitable decision easier for you to work around by giving you more time. Our only concern is the welfare of the children on site, and on their journey to and from school.

Again we thank you for your support, and emphasise that this decision was made with much discussion, thought and consideration for each and every eventuality and implication.

Looking at the same weather forecasts that have led us to close the school tomorrow, we fully expect to be open as usual on Wednesday.

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