Snow & Ice Update – Monday 11th December 16:00

We’ve just had an impromptu staff meeting to discuss the weather…

Whilst most of the weather apps have confirmed that the snow is over for now they all predict that temperatures will drop to well below zero overnight and that they’ll stay like that for most of tomorrow. With the melted snow from today it’s very likely to turn into an ice rink outside by the morning and although we have grit for the paths in school we can do little about the surrounding area.

It’s difficult trying to predict what it’s going to be like tomorrow, and whilst we don’t want to make a hasty decision we do want to give you as parents as much notice as possible should we have to close. We chose to stay open today when some schools closed, and a number of parents collected their children early as they were concerned about getting home – we do genuinely agonise over snow day decisions aware that we will not please everyone.

With this in mind we are going to monitor the situation over the next few hours and make a decision about tomorrow by 8pm this evening.

This will give us time to see how the weather is turning, staff to get home and feedback how easy it is likely to be for them to get to Halstead safely tomorrow, and allow us to give you plenty of notice to organise alternative arrangements tomorrow should we decide to close, without rushing into anything.

As always, the safety of the children is our primary concern and we assure you that no decision as to whether we are open or closed tomorrow will be taken lightly.

Should school be closed tomorrow the nativity performance will be rearranged for another date. In addition, today’s dress rehearsal was filmed and we will make it available for parents to watch before the end of term.

As ever, thank you for your support and we will update you on the decision about tomorrow by 8pm this evening via the app, website and social media.

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