Thursday 1st March

Holy Trinity will remain closed on Thursday 1st March.

Conditions underfoot are already treacherous and looking at weather forecasts we can only assume this will deteriorate.

We have a duty of care for our families and staff members and with an amber weather warning still in place over the county we are unable to ensure their safety on the way to and from school.

We are very aware that this news will not please all of you, but hope that as in December, we have taken the decision to close with enough time for parents to make alternative arrangements.

Welfare of children on site and on their journey to and from school is our priority.

Again we thank you for your supprt, and emphasise that this decision was made with much discussion, thought and consideration for every eventuality and implication.

Alternative arrangements for the celebration of World Book Day and for Parents Evenings will be sent out via social media and the app tomorrow.

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