Meet Mattmouse

Designed and inspired by Holy Trinity pupils, Tabecat was born in 2011 and has been our online e-safety mascot ever since.

This Autumn Tabecat is going to be joined by Mattmouse, a mouse who is going to help us feel happier in our offline lives too.

The only problem is, we don’t yet know what Mattmouse looks like!

What do you think Mattmouse looks like? Draw your design on the sheet sent home this week and hand it in by Friday 13th July. Mattmouse will appear over the summer, inspired by your designs…

Mattmouse doesn’t need to/shouldn’t look like a mouse mat! Mattmouse is a mouse, a mouse who is going to help the pupils of Holy Trinity feel happier in their offline lives. Mattmouse doesn’t have to look anything like Tabecat – Mattmouse is its own self. ‘Mattmouse’ could be ‘Matilda’ or ‘Matthew’ – just like Tabecat it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

You can see the birth of Tabecat by going to

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