Gecko Class And The Cameras

Gecko Class are starting their Computing Lessons with Mr. Handy and their class topic this term is Autumn, so it made sense to let the children loose around the school grounds with the cameras – using a new piece of IT equipment to look for and record signs of Autumn.

We were outside for most of the afternoon and over 600 photographs were taken! Below is a selection of them for you to enjoy. The children were working in groups of three and could take photos of anything they wanted – what you see here is a selection of the things that catch the eyes of Year 1 children, with “think about Autumn” being their only thematic direction!

All of the class had the opportunity to take, and be in, photos and because this was a very much child-led activity you might see some children more than others. No one was left out, but some children were more happy than others to pose for the photos, and others were happier to stay behind the lens…

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