Raise Money For Children In Need – Soak A Teacher!

This week you can decide which one of nine teachers is going to be soaked this Friday afternoon.

Money pots for Mrs Edney, Mrs Flaherty, Mr Handy, Mrs Jamieson, Miss Kiddy, Mrs King, Mrs Nethersole, Mrs Raven & Miss Todd will be on the playground before school on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of this week. Whoever has the most money in their pot by Friday lunchtime will have a bucket of water tipped over their head during WOW. The two pupils who will tip the water will be drawn at random from the raffle during the assembly.

All money donated will go to Children In Need.

Raise Money For Children In Need – Soak A Teacher!

We will also be making ‘copper wheels’ with small change in classes as advertised on the newsletter – this is just to highlight how the other half of our fundraiser is being organised.

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