10-A-Day March Sumdog Challenge!

Sumdog is a fun & fantastic mental maths platform featuring adaptive learning. It adapts to each pupil individually and delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each pupil’s level. This means that it’s great for children across the school!*

Today we are launching a 10-A-Day March Sumdog Challenge!

Everyone getting 310 (10-a-day) answers correct during March will receive a certificate and be entered into a special Sumdog raffle!

To enter, all your children have to do is login to Sumdog via the link on www.tabecat.com or the Sumdog apps for iOS & Android, using their usual username & password (they mostly know these, but they’re in the back of home-school diaries if not) and get 310 question right over the course of March. The school code is holytrinityhalstead. They could do them all in one day (!) or aim for 10-a-day as the challenge suggests. It’s up to them…

Children will be told about this in class, but if you have any questions just ask. Good luck!

* Most children have already used Sumdog, but for younger children the first time Sumdog is used the questions are varied, sometimes much too hard or easy. This is normal – it’s working out your child’s level using its adaptive learning engine. If they don’t know answers it’s fine that they get them wrong as Sumdog will adapt the next activity to their level. The less help they get the quicker it will become fun!

Whilst you’re here…

WORLD BOOK DAY 2019 – 07.03.19
Plans are underway for a very exciting World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.
We invite parents and carers to join us for our Breakfast Bookfest starting at 8.30 in the hall. You will be able to purchase bacon rolls or croissants for just £1 and enjoy these whilst reading your favourite book with your child. We will then make our way down to classrooms to enjoy more stories until about 9.30, maybe even reading some we have written ourselves! Later we will also be sharing stories and taking part in a World Book Day Quiz during the day.



Here’s how to get involved…

The last time we did this, in 2011, children chose to do things like:
Funny dance (during assembly!)
Sponsored football dribble (all lunchtime!)
Funny colouring sheets!
Cake sale!
Clothes being worn inside out!
Painting faces red!
Coming to school in pyjamas!
Coming to school as a clown!
How many jokes in a minute?
But you can come up with almost anything! The funnier, and more original, the better… You can do funny things on your own, or with friends.

Think about what you’d like to do, get it cleared (for reasons of practicality & safety) with your class teacher by Monday 11th March, then take a sponsorship form home and get people to sponsor you to do your funny thing on Comic Relief Day – Friday 15th March.

What funny thing are you going to do?


You must update our school app to a new version which is faster, has fewer bugs, and can handle the latest software. To get the app on either your phones or tablets simply search Piota Schools in the Apple or Android App Store, or click one of the following links:

For Apple devices click here


For Android devices click here


Once you have downloaded the Piota Schools app, in the search box start typing the name of our school and click it once it appears.

The app will remember your choice and always load to our school.

Don’t forget to go to the settings section and re-select your preferred notification channels.


This week’s newsletter is available to view & download at www.holytrinityhalstead.com/newsletter

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