Giraffe Class Cameras – Part 3

This morning, after a break of six months due to it being too cold to give the rest of the class a go in late-January, the other half of Giraffe Class roamed around the school grounds taking photos of absolutely anything they wanted. It was the first time they’d used the school cameras and they were very excited about it! Aside from actually using the cameras, there was the need for a lot of sharing and helping each. They were great!

Because we had half the class using seven cameras there are 170 (of nearly 600!) photos they took during that time. The 170 were chosen because there were no fingers over the lens, no blurriness, no repetition etc. and also because some of these photos, including those of the egg shell and a small plant poking through the tarmac, were images that the children made a particular effort to capture – and to tell me about how pleased they were with the result!

The world through the eyes of a Foundation Stage child…

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