STEM Week – Carousel Day

Today the children were put into mixed-age groups named after scientists, and worked together on a range of STEM-related activities. During the course of the day the children learned about how to care for the chicks, created a house of cards, made pictures out of perfect squares, built towers from cups, made enormous paper chains, tried not to sink paper boats, and recorded their pulse before and after activity. There was a lot of focus on inventiveness and perserverance – the children certainly needed both!

Below are a lot of photos from today, displayed in the order they were taken during the day. We’ve tried to include as many children in the gallery as possible but: some photos we took were blurred; some we can’t use online for safeguarding reasons and; they’ve been taken by over 20 different people across 7 rooms and 49 sessions, so there are bound to some omissions and some duplications! There are a lot of other activities taking place throughout the week which we’ll also take photos of and make sure everyone is included somewhere. We hope the photos give you a flavour of a very enjoyable and rewarding day – the children were, as always, brilliant!

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