Coronavirus – Wednesday 18th March 2020

We are awaiting an announcement about possible school closures in England from the Department of Education at around 5pm. We have been given no indication of what the announcement will contain and do not expect details of the impact on us as a school, and you as parents, to be filtered through to us until later this evening or tomorrow. We will need time to consider the full impact of the announcement before making any decisions.

As a staff we have been preparing for staying open, partial closure or complete closure depending on what decisions are made by the Government. Please be assured that when we know exactly what the expectation for schools is we will move forward with the appropriate plans and let you know about them as soon as possible.

On the presumption that we will be staying open, all cooking has been removed from out DT plans for this term for hygiene reasons.

Dates that have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus have been edited on the school calendar. Summer Term dates have been kept as they are for now but of course are subject to change, not least because some already cancelled events will need to be rearranged. Again, we will let you know promptly if and when dates change.

Thank you for your support and patience over the past few weeks at what is a difficult time for all of us. Please look after yourselves, and we will update you on our plans in light of this afternoon’s announcement as quickly as we can.

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