Y1 Photographers

Year 1 were given cameras to use in pairs, and taken out onto the field where they were able to take photographs of anything they liked! In all over 700 photos were taken of a huge range of subjects, along with 15 minutes of accidental video! Although all of the photos taken will be on display on a screen in school here are 65 that we think you may enjoy seeing.

Please remember that although all of the children took part fully in this lesson some didn’t want their photo taken, some only appeared in very blurred images, and some were only in photos we are not able to put on the website for safeguarding reasons. In contrast, some of the children were quite the opposite of camera shy and so appear here several times! I have tried to level things out as much as possible, but apologies if there is not the usual balance of children on display here. The photos were all taken by the children themselves across 15 different cameras, and so I had less control over what and who was captured than usual.


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