Hornet Class Art 1

We have started using pencils, charcoal and chalk to observe and draw. The focus has been methods of shading to provide depth to the children’s drawings, and to draw what we see rather than what we think we see. After drawing self portraits in pencil and chalk (these will be shared at a later date) we visited Holy Trinity Church with our sketch books and did observational drawings of the church features we have learned about in RE.

The following day we drew ‘upside down’ portraits using charcoal. The children observed upside down photographs of themselves and focused on the shapes and tones they saw as abstract forms rather than as eyes, mouth etc. The progress they are making with their shading and observation skills is impressive.

This is how the children saw them when they were drawing them!

Finally this week, the children were given free reign to experiment with chalk and charcoal together in whichever way they wished. There was a wonderful buzz around the classroom as they tried mixing mediums finding out how they interact which each other, how differently they smudge, and the textures that can be created with different amounts of pressure and grip.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to experiment with diffferent art matrerials, and will share online as much as we can.

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