Hornet Class Art 6 – Kensuke Style

He always held his brush very upright and very steady in his hand, fingers down one side, thumb on the other.” – Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Our class book at the moment is Kensuke’s Kingdom. In it, Kensuke teaches Michael to paint in a Japanese style. Inspired by the book, and after looking at examples of simple Japanese painting, Hornet Class had a go at paintings portraits using the same technique as Kensuke. It’s certainly not easy (there were quite a lot of aching arms!) but the results are lovely. We’re getting to the end of our series of self portraits now – just two more to go – and they will all be on display in the Hornet Portrait Gallery on July 13th.

And here’s a home made Kensuke-style paintbrush made with cat, rather than orang-utan, hair.

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