Stone Age Hammerhead Houses

We have been learning about the Stone Age, and this week we found out about their houses. We discovered that some Stone Age houses were made with stone walls covered with wood and animal skin roofs. Because the houses were built so long ago only the walls remain, and so historians have to look for clues as to their construction. We can’t make a full Stone Age house in class, so we made models with plasticine for stone, and wooden sticks and tissue paper for the wood and animal skins. All houses were wind-tested with an Air Zooka, and modifications made to their structure if they struggled to cope. Finally, one of the houses was chosen at random to go outside to face the elements. The wooden sticks and tissue paper aren’t as strong as the real things, but we’re only leaving it outside for a few months rather than several thousand years! We’ll be watching closely to see how the different elements of the house fare over the coming months…


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