Spiritual, Moral, Social And Cultural Development (SMSC)

SMSC is a vital part of education at Holy Trinity Primary School.

Our core purpose as a school is to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain by teaching fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths, beliefs and views.

At Holy Trinity we passionately believe that children should have the opportunity to be decision makers, leaders and make a positive contribution to our school community. There are many ways in which we promote these values and principles:

  • School Council
  • Play Leaders
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Representation in Team Sports
  • School Performances and Musicals
  • A wide range of after school activities
  • Pupil Monitoring
  • Charity Work (i.e. Shoebox Appeals, Foodbank


School Council 

“School Council is where two children from each class get together every first Monday of the month to discuss issues that concern us as the children who attend Holy Trinity.” 

Peer Mentoring

In Partnership with ChildLine in Partnerships (CHIPS)

Since 1998 ChildLine has been running a ground-breaking initiative with schools and other organisations. CHIPS – ChildLine in Partnerships – has brought ChildLine into direct contact with thousands of UK schools and youth groups since its launch and more are getting involved all the time.

CHIPS endorses the view that children and young people can help each other, can play a part in making changes to improve their own lives, and have a right to be listened to and respected. CHIPS develops a working relationship with young people and their schools.

Our Peer Mentoring scheme encourages good listening, understanding, care and empathy. Vitally, Peer mentoring also equips children to help one another. Our Peer Mentors are trained to look for children in need of help or support and then help those in need in a sensetive and caring manner. All our Peer Mentors wear a burgandy fleece – this helps them stand out on the playground.


Play Leaders

Play Leaders are trained to organise games during lunchtimes so that no child feels that they have no one to play with.

School Shop

The School Shop is at Class 9’s window hatch! Open on a Wednesday & Friday 10.30-10.45

New things like:

  • Post-It Notes
  • Highlighters
  • and Much More!

Please come and join us – it’s schoolicious! – The School Shopkeepers

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