P.E. Premium

At Holy Trinity, PE and Sport is a vital part of our school and its ethos. For six years our children have benefitted from 2 hours a week of PE and Sport from a specialist PE teacher (Mr Mark Wiskin). We have an active Dance group, again led by a specialist Dance teacher (Miss Ellie Simmons) who regularly perform in local competitions, shows and public events.

Whilst the vast majority of our PE Premium funding is dedicated to funding specialist teaching money is also invested in other resources and/or initiatives:

  • A wide range of after school activities;
  • A purpose-built ball court including basketball hoops;
  • Special Sports Days where children receive coaching in sports such as: Archery, Martial Arts, Golf and Orienteering;
  • Participation in local and district tournaments/festivals;

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Our self-evaluation tells us that children at Holy Trinity love taking part in PE and Sport, in fact, children often describe PE as their favourite lesson!

We encourage a ‘Sport for All’ ethos and a level of healthy competition.

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