School Journey 2011

School Journey 2011

During School Journey 2011 we ran an experiment on real-time updates! Staff on the visit Tweeted updates about activities and posted pictures to the site as the week progressed. The pictures they sent home can be seen below…

Photos (Latest ones at the top!)


School Journey this year is to Norfolk.

During School Journey week Miss McCullough will be e-mailing pictures back to Halstead. Those pictures will be appearing here, with updates as the week progresses.

In addition the school’s Twitter feed will be handed over to Mr. Wiskin, who will be regularly letting us know how the group is getting on. This will include things such as notification of their safe arrival in Norfolk, key events during the week and, on Friday, their estimated time of arrival back in Halstead. (There is also a telephone ‘tree’ to let you know the ETA on Friday – please don’t call school!)

It should be noted that the main focus of Miss McCullough and Mr. Wiskin will be ensuring that the children all have a fantastic time and that will take priority over sending back photos and updates. If it all goes quiet on this page it will be because they’re too busy having fun!

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