School Journey 2012

Here are photos from School Journey with the most recent first. 


This year we will be updating from School Journey via:

  • This page on the website, updated with new photos at around 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening. (There will be no photos on this page Monday evening as Miss McCullough’s priority will be settling he children down for their first night away.) 
  • Tweets and Facebook updates, which will also appear in the sidebar to the left of the site.
  • Instagram, updated during the day and featured in the sidebar to the left of the site and via the Instagram App on iOS & Android.

We are committed to keeping parents and carers up to date with goings on at School Journey but please remember that the priority of the staff is always the welfare and happiness of the pupils in Norfolk and updates via any of the above means will only be made when they have enough time to feel it is appropriate for them to do so. 

Finally, we will be using these updates to let you know that we have arrived in Norfolk and, more importantly, our estimated time of arrival back at school on Friday. Please look for information on the website before phoning the school office. 

Further details of the above can be found here, we hope you enjoy our updates!

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