Working Together

Our aim at Holy Trinity is to offer all our children a full and balanced education in a friendly atmosphere, which nevertheless encourages good work and ethics. We are a small school that offers big opportunities. In many ways we are like a family, older children are encouraged to consider and care for the younger ones. Visitors often comment on the happy and relaxed atmosphere with which they are greeted as they come through the front door.

Keeping Everyone Safe

OFSTED said that children at our school felt very safe; OSFTED graded this element of our work as ‘outstanding’ and this is something we have worked very hard to achieve. You can find out more about safeguarding at Holy Trinity by clicking here.

Partnership with families

It is our intention that parents and staff should work together as a partnership for the benefit of the children. Visits to the school are encouraged, and offers of help in the classrooms are welcomed. If you are at any time concerned about anything to do with your child in the school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We try, whenever possible to operate an open door policy at our school. However, there will be times when teachers are unavailable. In such instances we ask you to make an appointment – we will always do our very best to accommodate you promptly at a convenient time.

“Parents are overwhelmingly positive about how much this school has improved and how greatly their children enjoy attending.”

Supporting School

At Holy Trinity Primary School we see education as a partnership. At school we encourage parents to communicate concerns and worries to us so, in keeping with our commitment to a partnership, we pledge to approach parents with any concerns we may have.

As a symbol of commitment to a learning partnership, we ask all our families to sign a Home/School agreement.

The Home/School agreement is a joint commitment, a pledge to work in partnership in order to provide an effective education for our children.


Our school’s aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need in order to thrive in our world. You can read about our successful behaviour strategies by clicking here.

Freedom of Information

All relevant documents of interest to parents: School and County Policy Documents, National Curriculum files, inspection copies of Governors’ Minutes and Agenda, Charging & Remissions Policy and Complaints Procedure are available in the School Office and can be consulted on the premises by prior appointment.

School Meals

School meals are available everyday, cooked on the premises by our catering staff. The dinners are priced at £2.20 each for Junior children, and free for Infant & Foundation Stage children. Meals can be ordered through the main school office. The menu is published in advance so parents/carers and children can plan ahead.

Payment Information

To avoid confusion and assist both teachers and administration staff we have special Dinner Money & General School Money envelopes available for purchase from the school office (these are suitable for visit money, swimming money etc.).

School Charging Policy

Activities such as swimming, visiting musicians and theatre groups, cooking, etc. all help to develop and enrich the school curriculum. With the exception of board and lodging, payment for all these activities is voluntary and no child may be excluded. However, if voluntary contributions are not sufficient to cover the cost of the event and the school is unable to fund the difference, the activity may need to be cancelled.

Secondary School Transfer

Transfer to Secondary Schools, at the end of Key Stage Two (Year 6) is the responsibility of the parents/carers of our pupils.

However, at Holy Trinity we try to offer advice and support to parents whenever possible.

The local catchment area Secondary School for pupils from Holy Trinity is the Ramsey Sports College and Secondary School. Primary/Secondary school liaison begins early in Year 6.


Our Governing Body plays a full and active role in school life. If you have a question for the Governors or would like to make contact with the Chair of Governors, Mr James Haylock, please telephone/write to:

Mr James Haylock
c/o Holy Trinity C of E Primary School
Beridge Road

Tel: 01787 472096

A complete, and up to date, list of our Governors can be found here:

Parent Governors

Parent Governors play a very important role in school life. They are almost always parents of children attending Holy Trinity Primary School and therefore have a good understanding of life at school. Further details on the Governing Body are included in the Appendices.

In addition they also understand the worries and concerns parents sometimes experience. We always encourage parents, especially those new to Holy Trinity Primary School, to talk to one of our parent governors, just to make contact, or to pass on any concerns you may have.

If you are worried…

If you are worried or concerned, please don’t delay…

If you have any immediate concerns we would always encourage you to approach the school as soon as possible. The procedures below will help you decide how to proceed:

  • Have an informal discussion with the teacher, although we try to always operate an ‘open door’ policy, please make an appointment if the teacher is not able to see you immediately.
  • Contact the school via letter or telephone if you have difficulty catching our teachers at the beginning or end of the day.
  • If you are still concerned and feel little progress has been made make an appointment to see the Headteacher or, in his absence, our Deputy Headteacher.

If the problem is urgent…

For urgent issues that you feel require our immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call us at anytime. We want to help, and take very seriously our responsibilities to your children and family.

Complaints Procedures

There is a procedure, for a parent to register a complaint. The procedure has three stages:

1. Informal Complaint:
We suggest that you take your compliant to the school where you can discuss your concerns with the Head teacher.

2. Formal Complaint:
Address your concern/complaint, in writing preferably, to the Chair of the Governing Body.

3. Formal Complaint:
If you are not satisfied with the extent to which the Governing Body address your concern, you are able to approach Essex Local Education Authority.

It is hoped that any concerns will be resolved quickly at stage 1. The Head teacher is always happy to meet parents and talk about the school organisation and the arrangements we make for our curriculum which are outlined on this website.

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