An Explanation Of Our New Curriculum

12th September 2019 

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to let you know of some exciting changes that we are making this year to the way that we teach subjects other than English and Maths (Foundation subjects). The teaching of English and Maths will continue with links to the foundation subjects.

In the past we, and most other schools, have timetabled every National Curriculum subject, each week and linked lessons where we could. This gave the children a taste of a subject but we wanted to give the children opportunities to think more deeply and to question for themselves. With changes to the curriculum and a focus on foundation subjects, we felt that this was a good opportunity to take our strength of cross curricular learning and use it as a basis for a whole new way or delivering the curriculum. 

Thank you to those parents who took the time to answer our survey in the summer term – these answers gave us a clearer understanding of what you want for your children and reflected the way that staff thought. Fundamentally we all want to teach our children to be critical thinkers, to be compassionate and creative, to have a deep understanding of the way our world and society works and to be ready for their next steps in life. 

To do this we have organised our three terms to have a subject focus and maximise teaching time. This means that the majority of teaching for a subject happens in one term and children will have ample opportunity to deepen their understanding of the objectives.

Autumn Term – Discover – History Focus 

Spring Term – Explore – Geography and DT Focus

Summer Term – Create – Music, Art and Drama Focus

The feedback from our survey also showed that as a Church school, parents and staff were keen for children to be taught values such as tolerance, responsibility and fairness. We then took the National Curriculum objectives and the Religious Education framework and linked them to values and concepts. From this we planned an overarching question for each year group and each term, which would allow the children to not only understand the factual information but to formulate ideas and opinions themselves. The questions for the Discover term are below. 

EYFS – What makes me me? How do we celebrate?

Y1 – What makes a house a home?

Y2 – What is a disaster?

Y3 – Do we have to evolve to survive?

Y4 – Is ownership theft?

Y5 – What makes a leader?

Y6 – Are we influenced by the past?

I am confident that this way of organising teaching will provide our children with academic rigour, strong subject knowledge and a well rounded view of the world. Throughout the year we will continue to review and evaluate our teaching to ensure our high standards are maintained. 

Kind regards 

Hayley Todd – Headteacher

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