Detailed information on curriculum content can be found in our Curriculum Newsletters. These newsletters are produced each term by our teachers and they provide parents and visitors with an overview of the aims of our teaching and current content for the term ahead.

We make every effort to link learning to ‘real-life’ experiences. Trips, visitors and experiences play an integral part in our learning and, whenever possible, we try to make school days memorable and exciting for our children.

The National Curriculum

We follow the 2014 Curriculum.

In Key Stage One we ensure that there is a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage. In 2015-16 we have one class each of mixed ability Year 1 and 2 children. Early in Year 1 our children’s learning is very much focused upon the principles of the Foundation Stage; learning through play, exploration, choice and decision making. When children have ‘completed’ the Foundation Stage they begin Key Stage One of the National Curriculum. Our commitment to reading is continued into Year 1 and Year 2 through the daily focused teaching of synthetic phonics.

In Key Stage Two the school day is extended by 20 minutes to take account of the curricular demands and transition towards Secondary School. Our commitment to reading remains strong in Key Stage Two, our aim is to ensure that all children develop an enthusiasm and love for reading that will serve them now, and in the future. In 2015-16 we have three Year 3/4 classes, two Year 5 classes and one Year 6 class, all mixed ability.


In order to ensure that children make progress we provide a series of ‘interventions’ throughout the school. The interventions address gaps in knowledge/understanding or simply address aspects of learning that specific children find problematic – we monitor progress through regular scrutiny of pupils assessed progress.


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