School Journey 2018

From 18th-22nd June 2018 36 Year 6 children travelled to Bawdsey Manor near Woodbridge for School Journey 2018.

Below are nearly 500 photographs from the week. There are more still to be added, and once all video footage has been edited together we’ll put that on this page too.

School Journey 2018 starts on Monday 18th June! Children from Year 6 will be heading off for their week at Bawdsey Manor near Woodbridge.

As in previous years, we intend (technology permitting!) to keep you up to date with what they’re up to via a range of online tools, details of which are explained below.

Please remember that although staff will update with news and photos as much as possible, their first duty is to make sure the children taking part in School Journey are safe and happy and that will always take priority over updating the website. They will make sure that all children appear at some point during the week – please be patient!

Staff will be sending updates in the following ways:

  • This page will show all photographs from School Journey. They are at the bottom of the page and can be viewed one at a time only for now – they will be converted to a slideshow after School Journey.
  • Twitter & Facebook: Real-time arrival/departure details, and news of new photo uploads, will be posted to our Twitter feed and Facebook page, and are also viewable to the right.
  • Mobile: You can receive ETA updates to your mobile by downloading our FREE App and switching on Y6 alerts.

Everything sent via Twitter or Facebook will always appear on the school website – you won’t miss anything if you prefer not to use these social networks.

We will, again, be using these updates to let parents know that their children have all arrived safely and, at the end of School Journey, the expected time of arrival back at school. The updates are almost always more up-to-date that the information the school office has so please check them before phoning into school if you can.

We hope that these updates will enhance School Journey 2018 as they have done for the past six years.

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