If you have a child starting school in September 2021 you need to apply for a place at Holy Trinity even if you live in catchment or already have a child at the school.

Admission Arrangements

The admission arrangements are in accordance with the guidance issued by Essex Local Education Authority found here at

This document sets out Parents rights and responsibilities regarding school admission in Essex.

All admissions will be administered by Essex County Council.

Each school has a published Number Intended to Admit, known as NIA. The NIA is identified in the guidance issued by Essex Local Education Authority, entitled ‘Primary Education in Essex’. Currently Holy Trinity Primary School can admit 30 children.

Priority for admissions to the school up to the NIA is settled on the following criteria:

  1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined in the Primary Education in Essex Booklet);
  2. children with a sibling attending the school;
  3. children living in the priority admission area;
  4. remaining applications.

In the event of over subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given highest priority.

Application issues

If you are at all unsure about applying for a school place, please feel free to contact a member of the school Administration staff.

Tips on completing your applications

  • Use all your choices. If you leave choices blank, you may be allocated a school you really do not want;
  • Visit plenty of schools. Listen to the thoughts of others, but don’t be blinkered by the opinions of others. What may be right for their children, may not be right for yours;
  • Apply as soon as you can. We suggest that you get your application done early, avoid the late rush although applications are all considered at the same time.
  • Take your children with you when you visit. It’s vital that your children get the opportunity to see the schools you visit; you may be shocked at their level of perception!
  • When you visit a school talk to the children and people that you meet, children in particular can offer a good insight into life in school and they will invariably be really honest in their appraisal!

Visiting Holy Trinity

Normally at Holy Trinity it is our policy to invite senior pupils to show new and prospective parents around the school – our children are our greatest ambassadors and know so much about our school. They also empathise with your children and know what they will want to know.

At present this is sadly not possible due to the global pandemic. Instead, here is our Open Day Video for children starting school in September 2021.

Promoted videos at the end are tailored to the viewer’s YouTube history.

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