Every child matters to us…

Our school’s aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need in order to thrive in our world.

“Pupils are proud of their school and are held in high regard within the local community. They take responsibility for their own safety and encourage each other to act with care.”

Organisations involved with providing services to children – from hospitals and schools, to police and voluntary groups – will be teaming up in new ways, sharing information and working together, to protect children and young people from harm and help them achieve what they want in life. Children and young people will have far more say about issues that affect them as individuals and collectively.

At Holy Trinity our school council has influence and a clear say in the direction of our school – pupil voice is very important to us and has succeeded in giving our children a real sense of pride in their school.

“Pupils’ enjoyment of learning and school is outstanding.”

It is crucial for all pupils to feel happy, safe, secure and welcome in school. At Holy Trinity Primary School we pride ourselves in extending a warm welcome to all pupils, parents and visitors and above all providing a high standard of care for all our pupils.

Good behaviour, effective learning

The Holy Trinity Code is a simple set of behaviour guidelines that have been devised by our children. The Code was created by the School Council at Holy Trinity, a group of twelve representatives, democratically elected by their peers.

The School Councillors meet on at least a monthly basis with Mr Smith, our Headteacher. They discuss a range of matters at these meetings and especially those that are of immediate interest to the children.

The Holy Trinity Code (see below) can be found throughout the school, in every single teaching room around the school and in most communal areas and corridors…

The Holy Trinity Code

Be Polite
Be Truthful
Listen Carefully
Work Hard
Respect Others
Respect Property
Respect our Rules

The Holy Trinity Code (above) and Consequences have been promoted and communicated to parents and carers since they became part of the school, Behaviour Policy in September 2005.


We reward good behaviour & positive learning attitudes at Holy Trinity in the following ways:

Smile Letters – These are posted to pupils on an occasional basis by Mr. Smith to say well done for attainment or progress in any area of school life be it academic, social or sporting.

Credits – Credits are given out for examples of good work or behaviour. Each pupil can gain certificates for collecting a certain amount of credits (see below) and all credits earned go towards colour teams that change from year to year.

Certificates – Coloured, bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates are given out to all pupils who collect enough credits during the school year.

Class Treats – Each class is given a ‘credit target’ for a half term and on meeting it receive a treat of their choice such as a party, DVD afternoon, PE afternoon or visit to the local park.

WOW, POW & COW – On a Friday morning each class teacher chooses a recipient for Work of the Week (WOW), Pupil of the Week (POW) or Class of the Week (COW). These awards are presented in WOW Assembly where parents & carers are invited along to join in the celebration of positive contributions to school life.

Golden Time – Between 2.30 and 3pm on a Friday afternoon the children are treated to half an hours Golden Time. Activities such as PE, art, DVD, board games and DS Club are laid on for all pupils who have done well during the week (and that’s usually most of them!)

Head Teacher’s Award – From time to time community minded acts earn a Head Teacher’s Award which can take a variety of forms depending on the reason for the award being presented.

We have brilliant children at Holy Trinity and we enjoy spending a lot of time rewarding them!

All behaviour has a consequence

Alongside the Code are the Consequences, we teach all our children that every action, decision and choice we take has a consequence.

The Consequences are followed very carefully by our staff to ensure that children understand the impact of their behaviour and choices…


Stage 1: Lose your fun time
Stage 2: Class Exclusion
Stage 3: Key Stage Manager
Stage 4: Headteacher
Which can involve…
Parents > Reports > Exclusion

Within the Behaviour Policy there is the contingency for the ‘fast tracking’ of specific behaviour or incidents – this is simply because there are certain issues that must be tackled, due to the serious nature of the behaviour, by the Headteacher or a Senior Manager.

Fast Track Consequences



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