The School Day & Homework

The School Day

The school day at Holy Trinity sometimes changes because of visits or special events, but is usually like this:
From 8.40am – Children arrive at school.
8.55am – Registration.
9.00am – Assembly. (Mon: Celebration. Tue, Wed & Fri: Staff/Class led. Thu: Church led.)
9.20am – Morning school starts.
10.30am – Break
10.45am – Morning school resumes.
12.00pm – Lunch for Foundation & KS1.
12.15pm – Lunch for KS2.
1.15pm – Afternoon school starts.
3.10pm – School ends for Foundation & KS1.
3.15pm – School ends for KS2.
In addition, there are usually clubs or one-to-one tuition after school until 4.15-4.30pm and Breakfast Club each morning from 7.15am.


All children are encouraged to take part in our Rainbow Maths Award.

Below is the current agreed homework framework. These are guidelines which are adapted as necessary. For example, although it states that there will be times tables homework for children during the Summer Term of Year 2, this may in fact start earlier or later depending on the needs of the children/class.

Homework Schedule

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