This is a delayed feed of the eggs/chicks that are currently in Giraffe Class. Seeing eggs hatch and chicks grow is a hugely valuable and exciting experience for children.

The eggs have been supplied by Living Eggs, a company chosen carefully because of the way they manage the supply of eggs and the subsequent rehoming of chicks (including cockerels) afterwards.  Full details of how they operate can be seen on their website but here are two statements about re-homing of the chicks:

Living Eggs do not re-home chicks on intensive rearing farms. This is not ethically acceptable to us and would be contra to hygiene and bio security regulations of such companies.

Living Eggs will always ensure that all chicks returned to us by our customers are ethically and responsibly re-homed on one of the many smallholdings and free-range farms that work with us to provide safe and appropriate welfare.

We are extremely mindful that the chicks are not novelty playthings, but living creatures that deserve care and respect.

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