Welcome from the Head teacher…

Our aim at Holy Trinity Primary School is to offer all our children a full and balanced education in a friendly atmosphere of co-operation.

Our governing body, school staff and local community have one priority; to ensure that life at Holy Trinity prepares the children in our care socially, spiritually and academically for later life. Our children lie at the very heart of all our work.

We offer a welcoming environment, a close-knit community atmosphere where everyone’s contributions are valued. In many ways we are like a family where our children take great pride in our school and care deeply for the welfare of their fellow pupils.

I would like to encourage you to visit us at Holy Trinity, and offers with help in the classroom, visits, trips and extra curricular activities are always welcomed by our staff and children.

The local community plays a vital role in school life at Holy Trinity, the school lies at the heart of our community and our friends and parents are rightly proud of their school and support it consistently. The PTFA of Holy Trinity work tirelessly to support our school, raising funds and organising events within the community, it has gone from strength to strength in the last few years and is representative of our team spirit and commitment to our children.

If you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to come and see me, I will always try to see visitors on a drop in basis, but on occasions an appointment may be necessary.

At Holy Trinity we have a special ethos that we cherish and use to guide our everyday work…our children always come first.

Hayley Todd (Head teacher)

At Holy Trinity we are absolutely committed to creating a school where children are developed as rounded individuals. We try to make sure that the Holy Trinity experience is:

  • Happy
  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Exciting
  • full of a wide variety of inspiring opportunities

Vision Statement

“At Holy Trinity Primary School we want to ensure that children have a clear voice. We want our children to develop skills that enable them to make informed choices, now and in the future. Children should have the drive and ambition to reach their potential and we aim to provide an environment where they can do this and feel safe and valued.”

It is our aim, whenever possible, to celebrate the great achievements of all our children. We aim to provide a relevant and inspiring education for the children in our care and attempt to ensure our school environment is one where every child feels valued.

Mission Statement – (developed by staff, governors and children)

“As a Church school we want to live in the way Jesus showed us. To be kind, giving, generous and helpful. We want to be involved in our work and help build an interesting and happy school. We want to feel safe and comfortable and grow to do our best in our work and play.“

The school day starts with a daily assembly – assemblies have themes, dealing with everyday issues as well as spiritually and morally guiding our children in the Christian faith. Parents/Carers can, if they wish, withdrawal their children from the daily act of collective worship. However as a committed Church of England School we politely request that you discuss concerns you may have with Miss Hayley Todd, our Headteacher, before you make this decision.

A member of the Halstead Anglican Clergy visits the school every week to lead a worship assembly. On occasions this invitation is extended to other denominations and faith groups. Friday sees our weekly ‘Celebration Assembly’ (WOW) which is open to parents, friends and families.

Our children always come first


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