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Nest Box Update – Friday 15th May

It would appear that overnight the chicks in our nest box have died. As they were not old enough to fly we can only presume that they have not left the nest by choice. A short piece of footage from the middle of the night shows that there were only three of the five left, this morning there is only one and no mother bird.

There is no evidence of any foul play – the nest box is undisturbed and the camera would have moved had the lid been moved. The hole on the nest box is, we think, too small for most predators, The chicks are nowhere to be seen in the school grounds. The only thought we have at the moment is that it maybe the chicks were ill (even though they seemed healthy yesterday) and the mother decided to remove them. However unlikely that seems it is the only explanation we can come up with at the moment.

We are all very sad that this has happened, The birds had been embraced by the whole school community, and indeed in other school communities around the world. It is, however, a lesson in the fragility of life. The purpose of having the nest box camera is so that the children can see the wonders of new life. Last year we were fortunate enough to see the chicks grow up and leave the nest, this year we have not been so fortunate. Such is the way of nature.

Despite this sad news we will keep the camera in place for next year. Hopefully then we will be able to experience all the excitement and wonder we had this year but with a much happier outcome.


PTFA Summer Fete 2015 Poster Web

Art Week!

And now all those pieces of art are on display in the playground!

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Following our most recent inspection we are delighted to announce that Ofsted has judged Holy Trinity to be a ‘Good’ school in an overall very positive report.

You can download and read the report via this page.

An aerial view of Holy Trinity Primary School, Halstead.

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Dates For Your Diary – Round Up

Although you can find our full calendar here and an overview of term dates here, we have put together some key dates for you to note between now and September: End of 1st Half Term  – Thursday 21 May School Closed (Non Pupil Day)  – Friday 22 May School Closed (Non Pupil Day)  – Monday …

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100% Attendance

Attendance Matters

I was astonished (happily!) to see that 77 children achieved 100% attendance for the Spring Term 2015 – this is an incredible improvement. Regular school attendance is extremely important and can make a massive difference to a child and their learning progress. I would also like to reiterate to Parents/Carers that registers always close at …

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Non-Pupil Days – September 2015

We can now confirm that 3rd and 4th September 2015 will be non-pupil days. There will be three further non-pupil days added to the calender, but these will be confirmed before the end of term. Print PDF

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How Clean Is Your Hand?

How Clean Is Your Hand?

As part of Science Week we have been thinking about the bacteria on our hands. On Monday each person in each class touched a piece of bread and it was sealed. Which do you think will grow the most mould? We will post another photo after half term! Print PDF

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