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At Holy Trinity we intend to enable all children to have fun in Computing lessons, whilst working towards being confident, safe, methodical, creative, open-minded and knowledgeable.

To be able to use physical and virtual technology without putting themselves or others at risk.
To be an advocate for e-safety beyond their classroom.

To use technology in imaginative and expressive ways.
To look beyond the obvious and to imbue their work with their own personalities.

To face computing tasks knowing that to fail is to learn.
To not be fazed by new or different technology, knowing that skills are often transferable. 

Open Minded
To know that technology comes in many forms and flavours, and to be willing and able to embrace difference wherever necessary.

To understand that, even at its most creative, technology benefits from a methodical approach.
To use this approach when faced with challenges.

To have a wide technological vocabulary and be comfortable using it.
To recall past experiences to help with new tasks.

To learn to have fun with technology.
To realise that sometimes it is best not to use technology, and that often it is best to switch it off.

Computing is taught in weekly lessons as a discrete subject by the IT Subject Leader, and wherever possible in a cross-curricular context within other subjects.